Thursday, 2 January 2014

Resolutions? Oh well if I must!

So, I don't really hold with resolutions. As I see it they tend to be a  lot of empty promises that are forgotten by the end of the month-if they last that long-they sound nice but mean little.

That said, there are a few things I would like to do this year and what better time to start than at the start of a shiny new year?

So, for what is's worth here are my New Year promises to myself.

  1. Write every day.
  2. Review some of the books I read - at least one a week posted here.
  3. Finish my book and try to get it published.
  4. Start cycling again.
  5. Attempt to get on top of the housework {this one probably won't happen but I'd like to at least try!}.
  6. Keep my cool/not lose my temper.
  7. Write every day.
So there you have it; by the end of the year I will be a lean mean, good tempered, writing machine with a {maybe}clean house and {hopefully} a published {or at least on the way to being published} book.

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