Friday, 10 January 2014

The Turn of the Screw

I was supposed to post a review of The Turn of the Screw by MR James on Monday. Clearly I failed to do so as I'm posting this on Friday.

I have to admit I have failed to even finish the story. This is an Epic Fail on my part. The story is great, atmospheric, well written, all of that and I am going to keep reading it {slowly!}, but I cannot read it in a week or even two, possibly not even three. It is written in the most convoluted way with great long rambling sentences that go on for what sometimes feels like pages and, as much as I am enjoying the story, I keep getting distracted by shinier, easier to read stories like Bait Dog by Chuck Wendig.

I am disappointed in myself, but I will persevere. I will read and review other books. I will continue the challenge and I will not let this first disaster colour the rest of the challenge!

If you get a chance, and have lots of patience, or possibly just more brain power than me, then do read this book as it well worth a look even if you do feel, as I do frequently, like grabbing the woman and telling her to stop being so silly sometimes.


  1. Seriously, you haven't failed anything. You are enjoying reading a story and that is the most important thing. Relax, enjoy and read the books you want. There's no rush. If your goal is to post each monday, then post about your thoughts regarding the book or books you are reading. Think outside the box and have fun with it. And who can't help getting distracted by Chuck Wendig. *grin* And remember, the goal is 52 Books or whatever goal you set for yourself. Between shorter books and longer books, it will all average out in the end. Murakami is taking me forever because it isn't a book to read in long chunks. So delving into other books when others boggle your mind is an absolute must. Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm a bit behind on the challenge as well. Just finished my second book under the wire. However, Robin's advice is well-taken. I remember doing the challenge in 2012 and did alternate between longer and shorter books. Otherwise, there was no way for me to do the challenge. But, ultimately, it is about reading more and/or different types of books than you have in the past. Enjoyment...not pressure. :)