Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Shot in the Dark

A wee vignette for your pleasure today.

Shot in the Dark

I was shot today. By whom or why I have no idea. It was dark, I was half asleep, waiting for a train at an isolated station.

It wasn't an accident, I wasn't caught in cross-fire or mistaken for someone else, there was no one else at the station. Just me, oh and my killer of course.

I'm not really sure what to do now. I feel strangely reluctant to leave my still warm, but rapidly cooling, body. There has been no door, no light, no figure robed in black to meet me, none of the clich├ęs I kind of half hoped would actually be true. I really don't want to leave my body alone on the platform. I realise that it is an empty shell but it is still my empty shell and I liked it, was comfortable in it.

I sit, or rather hover, on the station wall, waiting for someone to discover my body. The last train is due any minute but I was in the shelter and my body has fallen behind the low stone wall that forms the front of it, I may not be discovered until the morning commute.

At last the train arrives. People hurry out of the doors and along the platform, rushing to get home to their loved ones. I float about trying to get someone to slow down, but I have no body, no substance, I am nothing more than thoughts drifting in the cold night air, a few people shiver as they pass through what remains of me but nothing more.

Eventually they are gone and I am alone with my body once more.


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