Friday, 17 March 2017

Build up, break down

I'm working from home today. Well that's the plan anyway... I do have an essay due on Monday after all.
I need to be at home today because I can't be at Uni.
It's been a difficult week and I broke down midway through it. Like shaking and crying and hiding in the corner rocking broke down. Normally if I go away from the situation that caused it I feel better fairly quickly... not this time.  On Thursday I still felt fragile and close to tears. I was mostly mute and hiding behind my hair (which I haven't had to do for a long time, not since I dropped out of school 25 years ago). I was like that until I made the decision to work from home today and cancelled my meeting with the learning support tutor who I see on Friday mornings. I don't really need learning support but I do struggle with executive function issues so she helps me with planning, prioritising and working out how long activities will take to achieve.
The point is, as soon as I made that decision, I felt better, stronger. I need to take breaks. I saw how much that helped at comic con. Now I just need to apply it to everything else.

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