Monday, 9 December 2013

The Vixen

Deep in the forest, hidden in a tangle of brambles, there lies a hole. In that hole there lives a fox. A vixen to be precise.

This vixen is no ordinary fox, she is the genius loci of this place; the guardian spirit, and none dares enter without first seeking her approval, asking her permission.

No human feet have trod this path in decades. The vixen feels her strength waning and wonders what will become of this place when she is gone. She needs the power, the energy, she gains from visitors and her interactions with them. If she passes out of existence then this place will decay and crumble, the animals that rely upon it will die, and plants and insects that exist only in this fragile environment will pass out of the world forever.

She cannot allow this to happen, it is her sacred duty to protect the forest. She gathers the fading energies of the forest and sends out feelers into the wider world. Eventually she feels an energy that may help. Carefully, cautiously, she sends a picture laced with just the right amount of desire to the one who's energy she touched, encouraging him to come to the forest.

The vixen does not have to wait long before she senses the approach of the man. For the first time in years she leaves her den and goes to the edge of the clearing where the stones lie dreaming moss covered dreams.

The man is here, waiting at the edge of the clearing, his senses alert, his mind clear, his energy sending out tendrils, seeking permission to enter.

The vixen is pleased by this, the old ways are not entirely gone then, she thinks.

Permission granted the man enters. Not fully in touch with his energies, or not yet trusting in them, he uses dowsing rods to discover the work that needs done in this place. He does not realise that the work he does is secondary to his true purpose but no matter, he is here sending energy out to infuse the vixen, the stones, the very earth it's self and, what's more, he will return to this place many times and on some of those times he will bring others who will, in turn, bring more.

Balance is restored, life is returning. Satisfied the vixen returns to her den.

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