Sunday, 9 February 2014

Moving the Mountain - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Moving the Mountain, the first book in the Herland Trilogy, is...well it's hard to sum up my feelings about this story. I think ambivalent probably expresses it best.

I found myself constantly having to remind myself that it is from a different era, that the ideas presented in the story were-at one time-acceptable. On the other hand there were things in the book that are wholly admirable by today's standards and that we should be striving for-that every society should be striving for.

I found this story very challenging. It actually made me shiver on a number of occasions, and yet, I can see how at the time it would have been a ground breaking novel expressing some interesting new ideas about society and societal structure.

I have previously read The Yellow Wallpaper and loved it. This story? Well, I loved elements of it. If you know the story of the Curate's Egg that sums up perfectly my opinion of this story - "Good in parts."

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